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Wednesday, 6 December 2017

World fast car 2018 right now


                               Agera R

Koenigsegg AGERA R is specifically designed luxury alternative to traditional extreme car. Then koenigsegg automobiles is first manufacturing HYPER CAR and SPORTS CAR  in sweden. Now time it proceed to beneficial used green technology with release of the biofuel CCXR IN 2007.Its same all based on the critically extolled in AGERA R follows in the footstep of the CCXR. It runs on biofuels. The agera R new produced between 2013 to 2016.It is mostly like race like nimble car.


Agera R is built upon advanced features and functionality  of the Agera . then they have more powerful and unique technology mounted in agera . it has been aspect and performance shall be given more nimble of the car in 2017.

The koenigsegg is car outer visible side and front bumper ,front hood fully mounted carbon. agera top site new model aircraft model shape winglets has fitted. All exhaust side has new aero shaped.it is car moving condition these parts are given more full power and increasing engine high RPM( revolution per minute) torque.

the Agera R is strides fuel engine management system. that concede it run between 95 octane and e100 biofuel. the engine main frame system sense the biofuel mixture and can be adjust engine operation. this is fuel flow capacity 1140hp and 1200Nm of the torque on E85 and E100 biofuel. it has produced less energy content per given volume. then bioful compared is similar to a more then flow 2000hp(horse power)

Koenigsegg is do invoke the latest technology based. it all model  cars are used turbo material and design. this normally reduced of the turbine wheel and axle.

In 2017 the AGERA R set a new word record for driving 0-300kph. the time 21.19 second was only eclipsed.


The koenigsegg engine volume with OBD 11 and flexfuel capability.

The OBD 11 full form.
             ON BOARD  DIAGNOSTIC 

           ➽   This term used to describe a vehicles fault and electrical line short  it will be                     immediately reporting into display signals.
           ➽   In type engine high power scrolling on plug ignition system.


The mostly engine parts are made in aluminium because it absorb the engine heat.
 Then Agera r engine block make such a aluminium 5.0 l . V8 and four value per cylinder DOHC. Agera r cylinder block inside bore is 91 .7 mm (mile meter)  and stroke 95.25 mile meter.carbon fiber intake manifold accompanied by optimal infrastructure.

In electranic  throttle bodies used in twin 70 mile meter.

The fuel tankinner site high power fuel pumps uesd and return low fuel arrive in the fuel tank.

The uotlet manifold inconel exhaust site accomplained ceramic coated.  

The koenigsegg Agera R enfgine weight is 197 kg


The F1 style is five different handling methods of based.


Now automobile are dedicated MICHELIN SUPER SPORTS tyres.
                                  ➽  Front Tyre    ;    265/35 ----- 19''
                                  ➽ rear   Tyre     ;     345/30------20''
          Both tyre minium speed 420 km/h


The Agera r both brake is ceramic disc .
  ➽   Front site is six piston Calliper
  ➽   Rear site is four piston Calliper
The both brake are power assisted.


This is two door and twin seat and removable hard top. 

Full body made in carbon fiber and kevlar and light weight.


This engine power output 1140 hp (horse power) at 7100 rpm @7500 rpm.

It is over toque has 1200 Nm from 2700 to 7300rpm.

Normal torque has 1200 N m at 4100 rpm
Record of the AGERA R 

  0---- 200----0 mph    

Time ; 24.96 sec


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