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Sunday, 7 January 2018

2018 Most expensive cars in USA



                     The Koenigsegg is the first to appear on our list with CCXR Trevita, and is the world's most expensive street law manufacturing car. Why so much coin? without any exaggeration, the cars actually dyed with diamonds.... and diamonds are not cheap.

For Trevtia, the Swedish manufacturer will design a new exterior finish to the koenigsegg owner diamond weave which includes carbon fibers with diamond dust - enriched resin. We can not understand how much it paint cost to draw up the touch.

Under the slightest look, the 4.8 liters, double super charged V8 , the 1,004 horsepower and the total output of  797 pounds feet. the car's tips both in performance and price are at this stage almoust



The Lamborghini's name if you look at the edited Aventador Roadster- translated from the Spanish course was built to celebrate the 50th birthday of the automaker. We can not talk for the company's purposes, put the vehicle fits to a favorable vehicle so it is a matter that can not be rejected.

The car is absolutely stunning from every angle, and on this day we are not convinced the ultimate take over of our plant is not an alien spacecraft that's not true. A whopping $ 4.5 million, keeping our list of the most expensive cars is clear- significance than appearance.

Veneno is fast, it's no surprise. its 6.5-liter V12 delivers 740 hp and 507 lb-ft tall to 8,400 RPM


                                        $ 3.5 MILLION
       You can recall Lignan Hyper sport's performance on black buster furious 7, in which Lebanon super car dumped one of Dubai three skies. the fact that hyper sport has focused on high quality exotics and a custom filled with a works is its arrangement for its magnetism.

  Start with encrusted headlights, scissors doors, and styling directly from the interior science. it look like a pissed shield car from the future, and it's performance is perfect for its design Hyper sports offers 3.7 liter, Twin turbo  flat six 770 hp and 708 lb-ft

This is not Dominic Dorotto benefit from this level of performance. the Abu Dhabi police has created a patrol for Hyper sport. it is mainly used for marketing and public relations purposes however the high flying stunner assures that any baddie can be tried in favor of privatization. the pedal on the ground is accomplished in just 2.8 seconds from 0 to 62 miles, and the top speed is a serious horrible 240 miles.


                                       $ 3.4 MILLION
 This list is not complete without some versions of Bugatti veyron. we are shining our attention on the Mansory vivere because it is one of the fastest car in the world, it is the most expensive.

 German witches doctors Mansory 1,200 hectares veyron begins as a grand sport vitesse roadster, a beautiful carbon fiber body a new spoiler set, improved LED lights, a revamped room, a redesigned front grill. the characteristics of the history of events such as the Targa florio are laser engraved on the exterior and interior of the veyron classification. it can do 254 mph.


                                           $ 3 MILLION
   The Ferrari Sergio is not the most expensive car on our list. however, one of the most coveted vehicle in the world As only six were ever made

  The famous italian design house Pininferina designed by sergio is a completely new body and interior Ferrari 458 spider. that is the 4,5 liter V8 sends a whopping 562 hp to the rear wheels, but it is much easier and better because sergio is lighter than 458. It does not save the new body weight- It's shocking interesting details like aerodynamic heresies built directly into the roll cage.

As some example are created, sergio's purchase process is not a simple with a Ferrari dealership. No each owner was elected by automobile manufacturers, one of the vehicles with only rare invitations in vehicle history.


                                       $ 2.5 MILLION
Italy's brand is the 10 example of this shocking bombshell to celebrate Ferrari's 60 year rule in north america. based on the F12 Berlinetta, the F60 wears a star and stripes color scheme, the entry of american flag and classic racing. Yet as the F60 still has a light weight cloth operated at 75 mph speed, you can enjoy the glory down the top.
  Super car F12 is  mechanically identical, but the berlenetta is not for a fiat panda. Its 6.2 liter V12, 740 has a reputable hp outbound, just over 60 miles in 3.1 seconds. the rare horse of the Ferrari Baspoke's past rare fledged horse was built in the 1950s and 1960s by many regional specific sports cars


                                 $2.5 MILLION

 How are you doing a classic you are doing better?

                  For the initial price of $ 2.5 million and a beautiful new body, divine Chiron outdoes its predecessor in every posssible way. while Bugatti veyron defines what an automobile can do cheran laughs at those who claim that veron is its last type,and stop the performance boundaries in the stratosphere.

The super cars terrible specs were made through its recycling quad turbocharged 8.0 liter W16, which now produces 1500 hp and a terrible 1,180 lb-ft sixty miles are narrowed by a quick 2.5 seconds,it is only 261 miles on the way to chiron's high speed. It still not in the fastest car world- that's heading hennessy venom F5 but it's not about speed of such cars, they are about the reports. you think this bugatti really accepts the strongest statement.


                                $ 8 MILLION
                      The most expensive car in our list maybech exelero looks respected with honorable to its location. Maybech  was rebuilt in 2004, but in reality its sticker price is very interesting.

The corrupted for inflation, the cost of the US $ 10.1 million, is close to small island gross domestic product. Money and maybach are peanut butter and jelly. but two doors justify 700 hp, twin turbo V12 and luxurious amenities.

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2018 Most expensive cars in USA Reviewed by motorswide.com on January 07, 2018 Rating: 5 $4.8 MILLION  KOENIGSEGG CCXR TREVITA                       The Koenigsegg is the first to appear on our list with CCXR Trevita, and...

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