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Thursday, 25 January 2018

Best safety car accessories 2018

                 The car manufacturer can do so only by providing safety tools, such as airbag, ABS and three point seat belts. being safe on the road, there are a lot of things in common with the general knowledge and defensive driver, where the security equipment here needs to be safe for another.

Reverse parking sensor

  Reverse parking sensors you have parked your car behind any car, object and obstacle. Reverse parking sensors are damaged and help protect your car back end. While the reverse parking sensors are standard for the highest cars, they must be have more stable in the budget.

Reverse parking camera 

               Reverse parking Camera sensors goes one step above and behind picture then beams car behind the car. With a reverse parking sensor a camera can easily change the car. you can buy a parking camera.
Child seat

            The stock seat of cars are not suitable for young children. Special seats for Baby seat are required to keep the seat belt safe. Without a seat a seat belt is useless for a baby. Many car maker now design their vehicle.

Seat belt cutter or window glass breaker

                    This device is design safety tool that helps you break your cars windows to escape in an emergency. this device has an integrated seat belt cutter. the idea is to cut the belt to slip this device break the windows, take out the car in a roll or in a fire accident case.

Eye convex mirror 

The conventional OEM wing mirror comes with a stick cone glass. the fish help to eliminate blind ports on the back of the car and on side of the eye. the most effective accessory for martial driving techniques is one of the most expensive safety additions for a eye convex glass.

Emergency kit 

The car emergency kit the traction between you being trapped in the middle is reaching your destination comfortably, and safe A car emergency kit a two fuses a rope, digital Tyre, jump cable, insulation tape, gloves and a torch light.
First aid kit 

First aid equipment is usually provided by manufactures. however the components of the kit are due to the expiration date and often requires alternative. primary will also change from time to time.
GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker with your smart phone always know about your vehicle location.

While this gadget is very useful for parents to keep tabs on the teen it easy to get in the unfortunate event that your vehicle is trying to steal.

The Spy Tec portable GPS Tracker allow you to set up a global fence and will notify you by email or text if the car goes out of the pre determined area.

You can buy Spy Tec portable GPS tracker.
USB charger

The last thing you want when traveling on a dead smart phone. If you do not have a USB port in your car a or need more than one port, this Maxboots USB charger is a great way.

You can buy Maxboot USB charger 

Bluetooth car kit 

With your Bluetooth, your smart phone does not have to buy your new car for your vehicle.
Mpow's Bluetooth car kit puts on your cars do you can make calls on the hands free for music and your car speakers    

Best safety car accessories 2018 Reviewed by motorswide.com on January 25, 2018 Rating: 5                  The car manufacturer can do so only by providing safety tools, such as airbag, ABS and three point seat belts. being sa...

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