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Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Best Self driving car company CES 2018

         In the CES 2018, car gadget manufactures demonstrate their product in the same way and improve self driving cars. whatever we do we have set out to expand the space and the view point of whats's going on.
 For example there are a dozen company showing the Lidar systems they are the themes for the car that allow them do drive. the 6th so called group Lidar wants to create system for motorbikes, benveck plans to produce solid state lidar detectors with less moving parts and Trilmina produces 3D solid level lidar which is probably 3D non solid state system.
Than you have a fleet of new interface with how to work on your car (  Human mechanical communication) HMI because of course a compression and a little power to work on auto grade Linux every body will ever think in the heart of every self driving vehicle that seems.


With millions of dollars in bank and big ambitions, AImotive has created autonomous driving capabilities with cheap components off self cameras and that kind of king of thing. But it is legitimate the company has autonomy test license on civilian roads for many destinations including Hungary France and California. In 2018 Japan and china are planing to test and expand.

   Here you have to know a name that you do not know. Aptiv was part of Delphi, which was part of GM and could be the largest of the vehicle components. working with the leaf Abidive brings journalists in self driving cars in the CES. vehicle and automotive technology has created Aptiv's consumer.


Arco has a Helua descent Founder Bryan Salesky have guide self driving car groups in google and Uber. ford did not seem to announce a $ 1 billion investment in Argo a year ago. Target ford is building a new software platform for full autonomous vehicle in 2021 

What if Google, Tesla and Uber's intelligent people decide to leave the giants? Aurora is going to work and is planning to work with Hyundai and Volkswagen on the secret star autonomous car.


The Chinese search engine wants to expand its autonomous vehicle and many big announcements have been planned for CES 2018. this year they have shown Apollo 2.0 the least remark of Baidu open automatic driver platform Apollo Pilot L3 Baidu solution for automatic driver.

You know the name Clarion based on a few decades of car. the company that has a subsidiary of Hitach is actually producing a boat software. to ensure that everyone know,Clarion will show real car demonstrations for its next generation autonomous driving technology in CEES automatic wallet.

Green hills software 
Green hills Software faces auto driving cars, the CES company should be shown on a demonstration platform with the micro controller producer Reneys electron, but the driving car connected as a connected as a cokpit vehicle, It makes navigation multimate your A/C control, the interaction between you and the cargo it sounds clean.

Car tech CES 2018 

Best Self driving car company CES 2018 Reviewed by motorswide.com on January 30, 2018 Rating: 5           In the CES 2018, car gadget manufactures demonstrate their product in the same way and improve self driving cars. whatever we do...

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