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Tuesday, 9 January 2018

How do work self driving car technology

             The driver less cars British cities will hit the roads past year, but how do self driving  cars work.

                     Google has tested its prototype car on united state streets, which is still in the UK and some detail reveal how it's self driving cars how to work.

Here we explain some technologies 

 The automated technology used in the Google's self driving is already tested on the road.

   Volkswagen you have advertised Polo's automatic braking or Ford focus's automatic parallel parking stop, which create an increasingly common use of proximity sensors that are close to aid parking assistance.

Connect these sensors with auto steering technology that is used to stop, throw in old cap technology with cruise control, you need to frame work for a self driving car.
How many sensors in self driving car

Google's self driving car has eight sensors.

The most noticeable is a car that uses a rotating Roof to LiDAR 32 or 64 laser line up to allow a "view" hazard for the car to measure distance to objects to built a 200 metric size 3D map.

The car another look is "eyes" a standard camera showing the front wind screen. it looks to nearly hazards like pedestrians cyclists and other motorists and reads road signs and traffic lights.

What is LIDAR?

 Speaking other type of motorists, the bumper mounted radar by other vehicle utilities already used by intelligent cruise control, the vehicle will monitor the front and back of the car.

Outside the vehicle receives global location information from GPS satellites,and an ultrasonic sensors on the rear wheals with car movement .

There is a rev revolving car at home altimeter, gyroscopes,and tachometer to provide better measurement for the car's position. these combine to provide the most accurate data for the cars operate safety.

How self driving cars work?

  Google does not have any sensors liability for self driving car. GPS data for example, id not accurate to keep the road on the right track and keep it on the road. Instead an unused car uses data from eight sensors, defined by Google's software,and keeps you safe from A to B

Data from Google software is used to accurately identify other road users and their behavior pattern's,commonly used highway signals.

for example the google car can successfully identify a bike and if the cyclist stretches one hand, they intend to make a maneuver. the car know to give the bike enough space to then act slowly and safely.

How to google self driving cars tested

  Google's self driving  vehicle which are at least ten are currently tested on private tracks since 2010 public roads.

There are always two people in the car an unqualified driver sitting on the driver's seat by turning the wheel or pressing the brake, while a google engineer sites while traveling in the monitor of behavior of the software.

four US states have passed legislation to driver less cars running on the road, and Google is fully exploited in motor vehicles and suburban streets.

Are self driving car safe ?

        This is one of the following question that pop up in an driver less car debate. is it safe to hand over a vehicle to a Robot

    In 2013 only 1,730 people were killed in car accidents in the UK and more than 185,540 were wounded according to the office for national statistics.

    The worldwide statistics are the road accidents that killed 1.2 million people last year. Google  claims that over 90% of  these mistake are due to human error.  

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