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Sunday, 25 February 2018

Tesla model 3 safety and about engine

                              One of the first Tesla model 3 owners was trapped before national highway traffic safety administration had hands on it. she is alive Tesla seems to offer a long awaited entry level model a five star security appraisal, but Tesla model pledged to quickly implement.

Reddit user model 3 crash dummy after a total speed accident the entry media model surrounded by rubbish is placed in a number of media outlets. the circumstance leading to the accident are vague. Redditor explained that he could not provide more detail, because he still works in an agreement with the insurance company.

The left lane news reported that the model 3 was smart in a car parked at about 60mph. we believe it. As a sign of this the part of the body were seen back and forth behind the wheel while the vehicle's leading decision could not be identified. surprisingly, as for Tesla's debt the room will not be right there were no pillars, the doors were still open.the driver and the front passengers escaped with minor injuries. in the original post Model 3 crash dummy knocked his leg acceleration knocking his right ankle began to swell. when the massive screen was broken in the model three dashboard, his passengers met bad cuts on his hand. Model 3 was well aware. considering every thing but the risk brought security risks to light.

Step one inside of 3 and you'll notice that the TV sized screen changes every button switch dial and generally found in a cars room including the glove box latch. once the locker to restore the owners registration and insurance information. he passengers hand .Tesla CEO Elon musk has already provide a solution.
when the car crash stop the software adds a feature to open the glove box and you should see a thin plastic sheet bond on the front or back of the screen he wrote on twitter Tesla may possibly enable the first feature by upgrading the first feature.

I love Tesla, I already ordered a model 3. if this was a different kind of card, i would die. Redditor conclude that Tesla made clear that he would be his priority and would not change the car to him or send him behind the line.

About Engine 

The Tesla model use more than 7,000 Panasonic cylinder on the floor of the 18660 battery cells 

There is a detailed description of the difference between an electric motors  and an internal combustion power engine. the later is more complicated it has reactions to the cycle of rotation of the cycle of the pistons in cycle for rotation a flywheel to begin to clean the electrical output a DC starting up A replacement methods for charging the motor battery cooling system and an electric motors does not need.
That is a host of other gadgets. A stimulating motor that generates direct ciculation motion and constant power generation is very small and easy. Tesla stimulating engine 31.8kg. while the IEC with a 140kw capacity will weigh 180kg.

ICE produces torque and power that can only be used within a certain range usually 2,000-4.000 rpm so it requires complex transmission to connect with drive wheels.An induction motor is almost equivalent to approximately 18,000 rpm from zero. As with most EVS model uses simple single speed transmissions the stimulus motors smooth power curve, since the gears are not interrupted, EVS is their happy performance.

There are some elements that the ICEs are less then EVS. The 3 stsge AC used in the battery requires an Inverted to digitize digital Inverter control motor speed. Tesla's unique battery pack uses about 7,000 small Panasonic cylinder batteries . It allows the cooled filled metal pipes to sprout with the gaps between the cells, keep the battery coo and extended its life.

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