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Sunday, 25 February 2018

The world Highest Horsepower cars list

SRT Demon 

Horse power : 808

     The revived ghost is very intense calling for a leading vehicle release to be banned and immediately to be fans muscle carrier. Animal traction radials, trance brake, only one seats and one wheel. It is supercharged 6.2 liter V8 pumps makes 808 horse power on gas and some how if you do not feel that enough Dodge it is 100 octane race gas compatible that bumps it up to 840 horse power 

Cherokee Trackhawk  

Horse power : 707

The Trackhawk is the most powerful SUV in the world but with a similar horsepower and hell caps, it is 645 lb ft torque compared to 650 mm foot ratings. It is an all wheel drive system that does not send any of the tires of the ACE tire in the hole. if you like the fuel, it is not good 

SRT Hellcat 

Horse power : 707

  The Dodge Hellcat bros appears to be thin compared to demon but is still calculated by the more significant intense forces. If you can not decide between the two, keep in mind that the challenger can cross 199 miles and the chargers slightly more aerodynamic body is better for 204 miles.

Mustang shelby GT500 

Horse power : 662

when it was new the last Shelby GT500 was the most powerful US car but today is 98 pounds weak a new one is expected soon. still its 5.8 liter supercharged V8 does not refuse the energy and is going to report a Mustang 202 mbh

Camaro ZL1 

Horse power : 650

Two high performance cars from the same company with 6.2 liter supercharged V8 yes family sounds. but when these two energy output are identical, their machines are slightly different. Corvette receives a dry sump oil spill which uses ZL1 and a real wet sump design Vette goes further with the camaro in 7 by 6 but ZL1 automation is strong with all the new 10 speed automates, while only one in eight ZL1

Ford GT 

Horse power : 647 

In a world where stronger than a Mustang $ 450,000 super car but carbon fiber GT. 216 mph with high speed, so it's nothing to be ashamed.

Dodge Viper 

Horse power : 645

 The Viper 8.4 liter V10 today is the largest engine in any vehicle, but it is not long for this world. After a quarter of a century and many hurdles around the world , this super tiger's dinosaur has this year.

Cadillac CTS-V

Horse power : 640

 Want to get fast somewhere , but do you want to keep it cool CNS-V is paid for the engine from ZL1 but it pays a 10 horse power wick for the concession the top speed of its 200 mph is two mph faster than Camaro's however what do yoy think about it the hardest guys 

Corvette ZR1

Horse power : 600

The ZR1 of the 21st century is the first US car with more than  600 horse power but this not the last. It's fine up to 205 mph today, but I do not think you have seen it last. you van bet that the earpiece is a new that can not be less powerful

Tesla model S/X  P100D

Horse power : 691

If Tesla first D unleashed it would be 691 horse power. it then has a Ludicrous model with 762 horse power the problem was that it was added to the horse power estimate of the electric motors used for each mold, and it was that it did not work correctly the solution now you can how powerful cars are 
if the model S is less than 2.5 seconds less than 0 to 60 hours it is safe to say that this is the most powerful US electric cars 

Acura NSX

Horse power : 600

It may be surprising to find Japanese branding of US cars faster, but this Hybrid supermarket is just one of performance in the manufacturing center. the name of the plant is only to refer to the NSX total 600 horse power and 476 pounds up torque 
The energy operates with  direct drive current that comes from a floating mounted turbo V6 which adds 109 pounds to its own torque.before the NSX has a dual motors before the electric motors independently generate all wheel drive for the front two wheel drive. the system uses a nine speed dual clutch transaction.

Equus Bass 770

Horse power : 640

What will you get when a shadow European businessman decide to build a 640 hp $ 200,000 plus sports to hit the 200 mile an hour worth US like baseball , Auto show 2015 model the Detroit built pass 770 is the most outstanding looking muscle car to come out of the motor city GM its 6.2 liter supercharged V8 engine creates a Chevrolet.

Hennessey venom

Horse power : 1244

A more mythical animal than a complete production car it will be a crime to put Hennessey venom GT any where but above the list. the speed gear, which runs at 270 mph per hour Bugatti Veyron makes the fastest car in the world. It is practically jaws on the asphalt, jumping from 0-100 miles per hour in 5.6 seconds to its 1244 hp

Bugatti EB110

Horse power : 671

The Bugatti EB110 1991 and continued until 1995 when the firm filed for entrepreneur. Bugatti Italian businessman Romano was production model from the italian edition. the EB110 was mounted by a high horse of 671 and enlarged by 542lb-ft

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