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Wednesday, 28 February 2018

World best Luxury cars brands 2018

Cadillac ATS 

Cadillac ATS turbo luxury feature 2.0L l-4 272 horse power inter cooled turbo engine 6 speed automatic transmission with overdrive 4 wheel anti lock brakes ABS side seat airbus, screen drive and passenger knee airbag and occupancy sensor automatic air conditioning, it is 17'' aluminum wheels, this is all wheel drive with ABS controls.

Porsche Boxster 

The standard features of the Porsche boxster S are standardized with a 3.4 L H-6 295 horse power manual transmission, post 5.3 4 wheel Anti lock brake system ABS side seat airbags, screen 1 line overhead and Airbag is occupancy sensors air conditioning, the four alloy wheel is 18'' and shipping control. this is ABS driveway control.

Mercedes Benz C- class

The features of the Mercedes Benz C 250 luxury features standardized 1.8L l-4 201 horse power engine Turbo 7 speed automated transmission overdrive and four wheel anti lock brakes system ABS side knee air bag and baby smart child seat sensors automatic air conditioning this wheel are made in alloy 17'' and shipping control it have electronic stability.

Cadillac CTS

The Cadillac CTS performance, 3.6l then 318 horse power engine, six speed automatic transmission. It have ABS brake system side seat airbag and sensor name is occupancy sensors 18'' aluminum wheels cruise control and electronic stability.

Koenigsegg Agera

First Koenigsegg Agera Swedish car manufacturer exclusively focuses on uber expensive autos. More than 900 horse power and its carbon fiber cloth are acera shiny aerodynamic and more beautiful this is Scandinavian super

Range cover 

The latest Range Rover a revolutionary in the history of the fourth generation of the model is focused generation of the model is focused on a new aluminium monocoque and extraordinary luxury cars and 4x4 seconds
the spacious interior quality and luxury exudes the best for places and the driving condition is easy to drive its first rate. the massive body ship offers get isolation from hard surfaces and although it does not provide driving forces, it's easy to make interest and quick improvement. the car weight is a small price to pray a car with its incredible capacity.

Audi A8 model 

The new A8 feature is the most advance chassis, power drive and in car technology than the Mercedes S class which has the ability to automatically drive any production car in world. there is a 282 bhp and diesel 335 bhp petrol standard four wheel drive and a selection of turbocharging engine with 48 v power system that provide moderates hybrid status.

Lexus LS

The LS has always been an important choice in England, but its success is no more than just replacing this latest version. it's a styling overhaul and the interior feels both modern and luxuries, four trim levels that provides a lot of equipment.
The dynamic, It believes less, the 3.5 liter hybrid V6 car should work very hard to coup with the weight of 240kg and though the ride is good it's more than pleasant than fun.

Why people buy a luxury cars

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World best Luxury cars brands 2018 Reviewed by motorswide.com on February 28, 2018 Rating: 5 Cadillac ATS  Cadillac ATS turbo luxury feature 2.0L l-4 272 horse power inter cooled turbo engine 6 speed automatic transmission w...

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