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Monday, 12 March 2018

IC engine main components

Today we will learn out the key parts of an engine or an IC engine. The inner combustion engine is the heat engine in which the burning engine takes place in the cylinder. Higher temperature and pressure are created after burning energy. this pressure uses rotating wheels to move the vehicle or use some operating system these parts are spoken a like and the mixed machine of these parts is called. Today I am going to tell you about these areas and how they work, so you can learn the basic of the automobile engine.

Cylinder block

The cylinder block is main body of IC engine. block in four hole side fuel intake, compression burning and exhaust. main function of engine is to move the piston. two type of cooling system one is water jacket another is liquid cooling. the liquid cooling system is most car used.it is follow outer side of engine. block top fitted engine head and bottom side crank case is bolted. A upper side fuel burning area so cylinder is consists a combustion chamber. this handle all the pressure and high temperature material should have high compression strength. so it made by high grade cast iron. It is casting in one piece.

Cylinder head

The cylinder top side fitted cylinder head. there are  two holes at side first one is intake and another
Exhaust both valve are closed . the spark plug injector are bolted on the cylinder head. the cylinder head is seal the cylinder block mounted. the cylinder head usually made by cast iron or aluminium. it made by casting and forging and usually in one piece.


The piston is fitted to connecting rod. it is prime mover in the engine. the piston generated high pressure bore inside. piston should have light and sufficient strong to handle gas pressure.
the piston made aluminium alloy and some times make cast iron than cast iron so they need more clearances to the bore.

Piston rings

The piston must be connected loose fit in the cylinder it is move smoothly in cylinder. To provide a sealing fit and normal friction resistance between the piston and cylinder pistons are equipped with piston rings. A small two stroke engine has two piston rings to provide sealing but a four stroke engine has as extra rings known as oil rings. it is make cast iron and high elastic material which not affected by the working heat. some time it is made by alloy springs.

Connecting rod

 The connecting rod connect piston to crankshaft and transmits the motion. it is reciprocating motion and piston is rotary motion of the crank shaft. these two end of connecting rod. one is small end is connected piston and big end is connected crank shaft. the connecting rod made in nickel, chrome and for small the engine may be aluminium.


The crankshaft of an IC engine the piston to the connecting  rod and convert the reciprocating motion piston into rotary motion of crankshaft. It is mounted in bearing so it can rotate smoothly. the size and shape are number of arrangement of cylinders. this is made by steel forging, but some makers use special type of cast iron.

Engine bearing 

The engine side rotate parts are needed bearings. it support used to moving parts. crank shaft is support by bearing. the connecting rod connected to the crank pin crank of the crank shaft by a bearing. piston small end to attach the rides bearings. this is main function of bearings is to reduce friction. internal engine is rolling types of bearing used. the rolling and ball bearing is support crankshaft it is rotate freely. the bearing made half is steel or bronze back to which a lining soft bearing material applied.

Crank case 

It serves as the lubricating system too and sometimes it is called oil sump. All the oil for lubrication is placed it.


To control the Inlet and exhaust of IC engine valves are used. Two valves are used for each cylinder one for inlet of air mixture inside the cylinder and other for exhaust of combustion gases. the valve are fitted in cylinder head by uses strong spring. this keep them closed. both usually open inwards

Spark plug 

It is spark ignition engine. the main function of spark plug ignition spark in the combustion chamber so compressor air and fuel burned inside bore. it is fitted on cylinder head. when high potential current supply to spark it jumping from supply electrode and produce.


The manifold is to supply the air fuel mixture and collects the exhaust gases equally from all cylinder.
the IC engine is used two manifold. One is intake manifold and another is outlet manifold. they are made by aluminium alloy.


The flywheel is connected on the crankshaft. the function of fly wheel is rotate the shaft during preparatory stroke. it also makes crank shaft rotation more uniform.

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IC engine main components Reviewed by motorswide.com on March 12, 2018 Rating: 5 T oday we will learn out the key parts of an engine or an IC engine. The inner combustion engine is the heat engine in which the burning en...

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