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Sunday, 18 March 2018

what to look for when buying a used car checklist

Today we will talk how to buy used car. there are are many cars on the market. we all want to buy a car with all the features. this is a great deal to buy a very expensive new ca, which can not help us much. so it is a great way when we want more feature at a lower which is distracting towards used car. buying a used car is a dangerous decision. the car's condition, the correct cost of the vehicle, the loyalty of the seller are at a greater risk, so be careful when buying a used car, I am going to tell you what i have in mind when buying a used car today. I hop it will be useful for the buyer

              ➽ Decide your amount to spend

              ➽Consider the car conditions

              ➽Choose the best model 

              ➽ Search for car in online 

              ➽Cars checking tips 

              ➽Ensure about all document  

              ➽Negotiate the car owner 

Decide Your amount to spend

When you talk about buying you must first determine your budget. your budget has a major role in buying a car. No problem is big, but small but decide to buy you budget right. when your budgets is determined, you get the right choices and compare effectively.

Consider the car conditions

When we buy a car there are many things that we need to replace cover battery. etc. like insurance, registration and other things. before calculating the car we can not calculate according to the thumb rule. these expenses are 10% of our budget. For example, if our budget is 400,000 cars, we will save up to 40000 additional expense and 360000 cars to retire

Choose the best model

Do you know how much you can spend in the car when your budget is decide, the next step is to find the best model car. First you can know which year car manufactured. At least that is to decide on purchase this or higher model. It fitting your research for example, If I wanted to buy a maximum 2 year to buy higher model would it filter options.

The next step is to list all the manufacture that make up about 130% of the car in your budget. After listing the product, list the model of this section of the two years. now you compare the specs. According to the technology, look at the market date and select its first three model in all models. now there are three models of car with the best feature according to your budget.

search for car in online

Now you have set your car model so the next step is to find the sellers to deal withe used car. the internet best way to do this. There are many site like OLX, Quickr, Cardeko, Carwala etc... Search your car on these sites. you need to find local vendors associated with used car and trusted ones.To verify credibility, you can review its customer list and contact its customer to review their customers. I request you to contact your friends and a solicitor. Make a comparison chart when you get the five coat.

cars checking tips 

  • After getting the quote, you must first check the car. Inspection before the car is very important. I suggest you keep in mind the most important point in checking the car.

  • Choose a new used vehicle at the top priority 

  • If you have a portion of the product warranty, you have to take a high priority to change it

  • Buying used cars testings Pre-owned vehicles vehicles is good. Automobiles of this are similer to new cars and save similar considerable benefits 

  • Checking car accessories parts AC, music system, seat cover, steering cover, wheel, tire stepney(spare tire) 

  • Test the signs of fabric, Fabric or damage. Also check the holes in the holes in the belts. the battery area will indicate bad maintenance. check the while foam reside which highlights oil fill cap, which indicate a leak head gasket.

  • Ask the slip owner car maintenance confirmation service. 

  • Ask the car test drive 

  • Check the car chassis to indicate whether a car accident or not 

  • You have to confirm that the vehicle does not have a patent, it never seems to be stolen, it is not an accident 

  • If you want a car from all checks do not tell the seller. If he know he will not cut prices.

  • Engine does not match. and not the chassis. Registration certificates are mentioned 

  Ensure about all document paper

       Check the car registration number. the RTO that the car rights or issue is not there.

       Original Invoice It isengine number and chassis number

       Ask the sales letter from the seller

       Listen to pollution control certificate

       Listen to vehicle warranty certificate

Negotiate the car owner

Now you need to carefully inspected the car, there are no disadvantage in the car and fulfill all of your requirements this price should be negotiated with its price vendor. Ask the seller for negotiation. You can say that you do not like car and other techniques for negotiation. tell the seller about the cars toilets. Ask your friends or relative to help you



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what to look for when buying a used car checklist Reviewed by motorswide.com on March 18, 2018 Rating: 5 T oday we will talk how to buy used car. there are are many cars on the market. we all want to buy a car with all the features. this is a g...


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