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Friday, 6 April 2018

Difference between Manual vs Automatic car gear

Before buying a car we need to know about the type of car and what kind of traffic is best suited to us. there is two type transmissions, One is Automatic gear car and another is manual gear car. It is necessary to know the difference between manual gear and automatic gear to decide which car to buy.The difference between the two transmission is that in a manual transaction a car with automatic transmission, which is based on the speed of the driver engine, uses a clutch to automatically change the gears. one exchange is automatically called and another is the main factor in the so called manual gear.

Fuel consumption with a manual transmission car is low but automatic transmission uses high gas. This is an important consideration when making a decision on buying any type of car to buy. An automobile car will be more expensive due to high fuel consumption.

There is a difference between the two cars. A car with manual transmission is automatically cheaper than the same car with transaction furthermore, maintenance cost are more expensive than adjusting the gear box and other parts of the transaction are more expensive than a manual car.
manual gear is located on the ground in transmitting, while the steering gear ground. Gear in cars has an external protruding handle which can shifter 6 directions 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and R, reverse gear. The Automatic gear drive has the first N, Neutral, P for parking and R is reverse then suddenly move the time gear changed + and  decries the speed now gear moved -.

The manual gear car are most efficient cars on average. However automatic cars are more popular and more than manual cars are purchased.

Manual vs Automatic 

  • In the manual transmission, a clutch driver automatically uses auto  on the speed of the engine and the gears automatically fit the gear when the gears are adjusted.

  • A manual transmission car uses less fuel  then a automatic car 

  • In the manual transmission the driver has more control has more control over the car than the automatic so the decision to change the gears will take the car.

  • A car is convenient to drive 

  • The manual care are cheaper than the same car with automatic cars, repair and other maintenance costs are more than cars 

  • Manual gear is located on the ground while gear steering or automatic transmission is on the ground.

  • In driver is responsible for changing gears requiring a lot of concentration, withe automatic transmission cars the gears automatically change and the left leg is free when driving.

  • The Automatic cars are very popular and are available on average the manual exchange cars.


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Difference between Manual vs Automatic car gear Reviewed by motorswide.com on April 06, 2018 Rating: 5 B efore buying a car we need to know about the type of car and what kind of traffic is best suited to us. there is two type transmission...


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