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Saturday, 26 May 2018

Top best New Autonomous car CES Tech 2018

The consumer technology is the main focus of the consumer electronics show (CES) every year and car manufactures are increasing opportunities by driving their latest models and technology.

This year is different, and the focus is mainly on autonomous vehicles and ensure that driver control system still attached and safe during drivers.

The/motorswide.com has picked latest car technology and coolest cars and motor tech on publish at this years CES in LAS Vegas.

Navya Autonom Cab 

In a move to create smart cities, the electric power Navya Autonom can urban centre provide individual trip withe an intelligent transport service.

The carpet is designed automatically from  the start meaning that there is no cockpit, steering wheel or feathers, like all the vehicles in the range of the autonomous range.

Auto mobile cape increase speeds up to 55 mph (88km), but the average speeds is 30 miles (48Km) while travelling in Urban areas depending on local speed limits.

Mercedes concept EQ

With concept EQ, Mercedes Benz and electric cars will show the fastest way to move quickly a sporty SUV cars.

This vehicle is driven by two electric motors which can increase the volume of 300 KW, scalable battery components and a permanent all wheel drive with a computer output.
 Since it is  a practical electric vehicle up to 500 km has a distance.

Honda NeuV

 Honda latest self driving, Electric concept, distinguishes itself by riding on a shared share market.

It includes a full touch panel interface for accessing a simple and convenient user experience for drive and passenger. The vehicle has two spaces a storage areas back and a electric skateboard for "last mile" transit.

Garmin speak plus 

Garmin revealed its new Garmin speak, with a great developmental navigation product.

Speak plus will carry the operation of Amazon's Alexa, but now a dash- cam and record your drive, provides driver help features like forward conflict and lane departure warning.


The KIA continues to expand plans to expand its environmental friendly cars in the coming years by providing a total of 16 electric vehicles in 2020, including the Fuel(fcev) in 2019

The company said it plans to implement a large scale test fleet for autonomous technology in public roads since 2020 and will lead to the production of technology. The KIA aims to establish level 4 autonomous vehicle with new smart city pilot project in smart cites.

Honda 3E D18 

The 3E-D18 is a robotics device on an AI equipped platform built to serve a work range of tasks.

Replacing the top link, 3E-D18 can perform various tasks like search and recovery, agricultural work and sports training. Its four wheel drive includes electric power train and almost indescribable tires.

Toyota E palette 


This Autonomous loniq concept this week brings Las Vegas strip, Hyundai unleashes its self driving vehicle through the test paths dedicated to the city. Inside the Las Vegas Convention center,Hyundai offers an uninterrupted tour with its action VR simulators In addition , loniq Hybrid is designed with new extensions.

Fiat Chrysler 

The Chrysler portal concept is all electric minivans. The automaker have designed future autonomous cars EV. Fiat Chrysler inside designed for six seats at just single point for 250 miles. Battery capacity was to be 100 kilowatt hours, but quick charging will add about 150 miles in about 20 minutes. Other technical FCA CES includes various Pacific hybrid exclusive technology and four generation of its car connecting system called U connected.


Ford has a goal to fully build an automotive vehicle in 2021, and it takes a bold step with the next generation fusion hybrid auto development vehicle base, have increased performance power by closely preparing controls and adjusting the circulating technology.The new LIDAR sensors have a more delicate view. Than now two sensor rather while providing to take much data.

Volo XC60

The renovated 2018 Volo XC60 is one of the largest segments of active safety and semi autonomous driving features available in any vehicle in toady market. The XC60 now support the steering to help avoid collisions with other vehicles pedestrians  or large animals.
This pilot assits in 2018 XC60. The system manages the steering and acceleration, to stop at speeds up to 80mph on well marked roads. As with many metods , If feels your hands on steering wheel to ensure you have to be while half autonomous function.

Audi Auto pilot 

The expected coming years fully autonomous or manual  function in the Audi traffic jam pilot. it have more autonomous technology make automakers. this system accelerator, brake, and even a complete stop comes back and start again, so you can constantly move the brakes and steering wheel while you are sitting in bumper to bumper traffic. Whether you want to keep your hands in the singal or touch the wheel over time, there is no word, like some other settings.

Tesla model 3 

Until now The Tesla Auto load model is expensive for S and express. But in June of this year, this change was changed when 35,000 mass market cars entered the Model 3 product. Despite the relatively low entry price.  The model 3 will remain stationary. This EV can not change the way we drive and its Semi autonomous software can change the way we don't drive.......


Top best New Autonomous car CES Tech 2018 Reviewed by motorswide.com on May 26, 2018 Rating: 5 T he consumer technology is the main focus of the consumer electronics show (CES) every year and car manufactures are increasing opportunit...

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