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Sunday, 10 June 2018

Porsche first Electric car it is called the 'Taycan' 2018

The production will be launched of the Mission E-car has been announced by Porsche, It is called TAYCAN . The announcement was made as part of Porsche's 70th anniversary celebration at the automaker's in Germany.

The name is derived from the Eurasian as "an enthusiastic, young horse". It refers to horseback riding since 1952. with name, Porsche has some particularly significant TAYCAN'S 800V charge technology will only charge a 100 km limit for only 4 minutes, the Taycan 600hp's electrical system output and the full charge will have a limit of more than 500km. Taycan has confirmed sub-12 0-200Kph but exact data is not yet published.On each wheel two electric motors are used for all wheel drive mounted from lithium ion batteries. The four door stitched Taycan mounted batteries indicate that the batteries are handled with the gravity center and the most concentrated performance machines.

The batteries and dual motor setup center location will give you a better front weight balance than the combustion car engines of car technology. The future structure of the Tesla model S competition, the J1 architecture is one of the three new Electric car being launched on the Porsche parent company Volkswagen group. J1 architecture has been described as different in construction for the C-BEV platform devoted to the future power ability  SUV, due to its release later this year.

Auto car has learned that our colleagues in the UK have a Taycan level 4 automatic driving technique normal driving, in almost all situations, without driver attention but does not go through the whole automated.

Taycan is the first electrician of Porsche's electric car but the car model has big plans to go the electric model. By 2022 Porsche will invest 6 billion in its electric vehicle project ,and 500 million will be spent on the development of Taycan .


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