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Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Levis Motorcycles V6 cafe Racer , Price , concept 2018

                          The British motorcycle brand Levis Motorcycles company completed its last new motorcycle in 1938 and the company was stopped three years ago. Now the Levis V6 caff  racer. the motorcycle Is built into a racing car engine a long list of parts and very expensive price tag.The Levis cafe Racer is the brainchild of two automotive engineers who were selected to review the failed British business and now moved to next level, following the announcement of the first engine with the V6 cafe  racer.

Levis motorcycles stand in front of the British motorcycle industry  and have been active since 1911 to 1941. The Birmingham company of England developed its name with small capacity two stroke sequence, which is the lightweight TT in the early 1920s. Lewis created it is first four stroke in 1928, successfully winning off road racing, until world war ll ended its story. for more than 70 years the designer Phil Bevan bought the name and designer a new bike only with Steve Kirk, but also limited race car engine.

The cafe racer is 1,200 cc, 120 bhp (89.5 kw) with the V6 engine and 120 Nm (88.5 lb ft)  peak torque load. A supercharged version is expected to be in the next phase of development projects. power plant is still under development and Levis intends to production model in September this year.The motorcycle styling published in the picture is a prototype, perfectly fine tune and best styling. According to Levis the ultimate cafe racer must fit well and finish and its final shape will be very nice. Two sports model as well as a flat tracker, also increase the cost of a cruiser in the company's production plans as well as a 2,000 cc V10 motor. With Levis 2020, tries to reach everything, with 100 years of success in the first lsle of man victory. The engine is built on a modular design that can be easily manufactured in V8, V6 , V4 , and V2 variants and Beven already looking to hold it. He set up a Levis motorcycle company in July 2017 and set up new headquarters in swaffham and a clear plane their mind.

However when the V6 cafe racer becomes a reality it costs $102,00 or US $ 133,00. If you have this kind of money to be your own the Levis motorcycle company already has a cafe racer and a TT

Levis Motorcycles V6 cafe Racer , Price , concept 2018 Reviewed by motorswide.com on July 24, 2018 Rating: 5                                        T he British motorcycle brand Levis Motorcycles company completed its last new motorcycle in 1...

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