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Wednesday, 15 August 2018

World Top most fastest train name list and technology 2018

Shanghai Maglev.

The fastest train in the world is not new too short, or even the most expensive ticket. Longyang metro station in shanghai has collected $8 per person for a 19 mile run from shanghai Pudong international airport. This is correct railway, which takes more than 7 minutes to complete the journey using magnetic levitation technology, can not go to the city center. Since 2004 debut have travelers on their way to from airport. then camera ready to take photo of the speed indicate when the train 437 km/hr 267 mph.

Fuxing Hao.

The China has won again, now servicing the world fastest maglev railway service. The name               " FUXING  HAO"  means  "rejuvenation" and two more trains each are labeled nicknames CR400AF "Dolphin Blue" and CR400BF " Golden Phoenix"  the CR meaning is China railway.
Both take five to under five 556 passengers between Beijing south and shanghai Hongqiao station, cutting down roughly 10 hours to ride on a regular coordinate train between these two megalopolises. China next fast train "HARMONY" CRH380A, since 2010 it has most speed with 237 miles of connecting to Nanjing and Hancock with shanghai, with Wuhan to Guangzhou.

Shinkansen H5 and E5.

Japan celebrates the 54th anniversary of the high speed train this year. in 1964 the Hikari High speed train service between Tokyo and Osaka was just four in the country's two major cities with just seven hours. The H5 and E5 series Shinkansen will run the services of Doha and Hakkaido  respectively, and two of the new bullet train in japan's tracks, thus far faster in regular business service in the country.

The Italo Frecciarossa.

Italy's dueling rail operators, NTV and trenitalia everybody has introduced this new route in Europe, a high speed train that travels within three hours from Milan to Florence or Rome. Perugia or "red arrow was released during the Expo 2015 in Milan and the railway for speed in its construction is remarkable.Its components are almost 100% renewable and sustainable.

Renfe AVE

Spain's high speed rail is Velaro E Siemens, which rail is used for a long distance beyond large Spanish cities the trip to Barcelona will be executed on high speed rail in the first six hours of paries.

Haramain west railway.

The Mecca Medina high speed connection stretches 281 miles between Saudi Arabia's most sacred cities and is completed in December 2017 with complete completion in 2018. The length of the route is two and a half hours. Compared to five hours by car . However, the speed for the railway construction is not fully justified. Haramain  is expected to go up to three million passenger a year including many Hajj and umrah pilgrims, and traffic jams.

DeutscheBahn ICE.

The Unique future of Inter City Express , ICE White and silver combined with It shape red with frustration, help to quickly look in beautiful German rugs in its new line connecting with German patriot especially Berlin and Munich. like Spain's Renfe AVE train, Germany's Fastest train was built to fit another Siemens design velaro and channel tunnel. These trains are a serious asset for long terms plans for the operation DeutscheBahn from Frankfort in London.

Korail KTX.

South Korea's fastest rail network is the newest ( KTX introduced in 2004). The latest route to the winner Olympics in 2018, connecting Incheon international Airport in the west to the coastal town of Gangneung, is halted in Seoul. KTX transport time is reduced to ski slopes of PyeongChang from six hours by regular trains within two hours.

Euro star E320 and TGV.

The TGV and Eurostar e320 have been listed in succession but the latter has a redesign in 2015. 320 Km/h (200miles) was named for its speed the redesign of a Euro star rail in the 22 year history of the first tip to wall company of the e 320 series.The fastest trains in the next 15 minutes more than 20 Km/hr already in the zippy euro star trips two hours between Brussels. Paris and London and Amsterdam this year . Euro star is available in the center of each city and its passenger Spaces and railway Europe from about $70 which still files between cities.


Amsterdam Brussels, Paris and cologne are one of the most important rail road routes for both retire and business travelers. In fact . its ticket is split between two sectors. the German road stretching up to Dortmund in December 2015 was , Despite the criticism of Brussels Paris's run crested more than half the business.


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